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Mike Smith has been a member of the Ásatrú and heathen community since 1989. He was the founder of Athelingúlf Fellowship which evolved into the Úlfar aff Jera Þjóð, of which he serves as Jarl. Many of Mike’s articles have been found consistently in Ásatrú publications such as Marklander, Lina, Vor Trú, Idunna, Modern Ásatrú, and The Runestone. He has been a guest speaker/lecturer at many large Ásatrú and pan-pagan events. In 2002, he was a special guest speaker on Norse Mythology at Leicester High School in Massachusetts. In 2003, he released a free basic, beginner book on Ásatrú called, Ways of the Ásatrú: Beliefs of the Modern, Northern Heathens. Then in 2004 he released the booklet, Think Again! Thinking Like A Heathen in the Modern Era. In 2005, he released, Amma: Wisdom from the Sagas. Currently, the avid mead-brewer, martial artist, husband, and father of two, is in the process of writing numerous books on Heathenism, Runes, and he is also studying German longsword swordplay.

Available books from Michael J. Smith

ways of the asatru
the kids book of the norse gods
amma: wisdom from the sagas
think again

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