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Joseph Turner (1946-1996), also known as Jost, founded The National Socialist Kindred, a group that sought to combine National Socialism, Odinism and Esoteric Hitlerism with a plan to create a White separatist “Folk Community” in Northern California called Volksberg.

Jost Turner was a Vietnam War veteran who was disillusioned when he returned to California in the late 1960s. While contemptuous of much of the 1960s counterculture, racial integration, drug use and civil disobedience he found, Turner also sympathized with the hippies rejection of selfishness and materialism, which he believed was characteristic of the White majority of the time, and like their idea of “destroying the system by non-participation”. Taking inspiration from the back-to-the-land and communalist movements of the decade, Turner and his family left the “urban social and economic system” – which Jost felt was characterized by the growing power of non-whites and “indifference and growing materialism of whites – and began homesteading in the isolated mountains of Northern California. There were a number of other communalists in the area whose ideology Jost describes as a mix of “left-wing politics, oriental religion, Robin Hood and brotherhood” that was “permeated with anti-establishment idealism”. Turner appreciated the amount of research and effort that the communalists had put into their projects of simple living and self-sufficiency, and praised their development of organic farming, animal husbandry, herbal medicine weaving, spinning, leather craft and success in living outside the mainstream economy. He and his family spent several years learning these skills from their neighbors and living in “crude octagon cabins, barns and even tepees.”

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