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Guido Karl Anton List, commonly known as Guido von List (5 October 1848 – 17 May 1919), was an Austrian occultist, journalist, playwright, and novelist. He expounded a modern heathen new religious movement called Wotanism, which he claimed was the revival of the religion of the ancient German race, and which included an inner set of Ariosophical teachings that he termed Armanism.

Guido von List is best known among contemporary heathens for his creation of the Armanen Futhark, which he describes in his main work, The secret of the runes. Von List was a key figure in the Germanic revival that come to the fore in the “Völkische Bewegung”. This association led later national socialists to embrace some of his ideas, whether they were actual fascist ideas or not.

Available books from Guido von List

The religion of the Aryo-Germanic folk
The secret of the runes

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