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Garret Schuelke is a writer hailing from Alpena, Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University, earning a Bachelors in Arts in December 2011. He is the the author of two novels, THE GRAY WOLF OF CHICAGO (2018, Bakunin Incorporated) and ANAMAKEE (2016, Riot Forge) a short story collection, WHUP JAMBOREE: STORIES (2017, Elmblad Media Group), and three ebooks: BLIND GRAVE ROBBER/AGNOSTIC EGGS, WOTAN, and THE BAKUNIN INCORPORATED READER. He has also released a EP, LIVE IN CHICAGO (2018 Bakunin Incorporated), and is the host of THE GARRET SCHUELKE PODCAST.

His work has been featured in publications such as Revolution John, Schlock! Webzine, A Thousand and One Stories, Cultured Vultures, Horror, Sleaze, and Trash, and The Round Up Writer’s Zine.

He currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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