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Collin Cleary is an independent American scholar living in Sandpoint, Idaho. He is the author of Summoning the Gods: Essays on Paganism in a God-Forsaken World. He is one of the founders of TYR magazine, the first volume of which he co-edited. He is a Master in the Rune-Gild. His essays have appeared in TYR and Rûna. A lot of short essays of Collin Cleary can be found on the website of Counter Currents. Much of this work has been bundled in the book Mimibrunnr: Assorted essays.

The writing of Colling Cleary testifies of a broad knowledge of western philosophy, and of a deep understanding of various western and eastern esoteric traditions. Nonetheless his writing style is clear and understandable for those with less in-depth knowledge about philosophy and esoterica.

At the moment of writing this, there is not a lot of publicly available information to be found about Collin Cleary. But luckily we are able to explore his (much underrated) contributions to modern heathen philosophy and theology.

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