Pagan Places is an atlas that lists all places relating in some way to European paganism. The website has several options for users to engage with the website, like making a wishlist of places they want to visit, as well as the possibility to add places themselves.
Herminius Mons is a blog about Iberian paganism. There is not a vast amount of articles here, but all articles are based on solid research, and are well written.
Nebelhorn is a German metal band that was founded in 2002.
The honest modern heathen is a small blog that aims to provide correct and complete information for people who feel attrackted to the Old ways and Gods.
Iwobrand’s blog has a variety of topics related to Germanic paganism.
Mixing together equal parts fight club, strength regimen, motorcycle club and esoteric order, Operation Werewolf is more than the sum of its parts.
The Heathen History Podcast takes a deep dive into the modern history of Heathenry, a new religion based on the practices of the pre-Christian Germanic and Norse People.
Discussions of Heathen shamanic, magic, and divination practices in a modern context.
FAUN is one of the world’s leading bands in blending old medieval sounds with modern music.
Kati Rán is a Dutch vocalist performing mostly in Nordic languages. In her work she utilizes a variety of historical folk instruments
Heilung is sounds from the northern european iron age and viking period.
Halindir is a one-man musical project from Jutland.

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