Skjalden is a video channel about Nordic values, traditions, and culture.
The Nordic Mythology Channel by Dr. Mathias Nordvig offers knowledge and insight into pre-Christian Scandinavian myth and religion.
The Norroena Society is a group focussed on the investigation of the ancestral traditions of Northern Europe as well as the promotion of their results and expansion of the Asatru faith. They publish articles, books, and videos.
Odelsarven is a channel that covers a lot of European pagan traditions, specifically those from Norway and wider Scandinavia.
Arith Härger's channel offers a variety of perspectives on Germanic paganism.
Survive the Jive is a video channel hosted by Thomas Rowsell. The channel has a great variety of content, mainly about Indo-European history and religion.
Mimir’s Brunnr is a website that aims to reconnect Europeans to their history and pre-christian faith once more. Their website has some excellent articles, and they produce high-quality videos.

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