Herminius Mons is a blog about Iberian paganism. There is not a vast amount of articles here, but all articles are based on solid research, and are well written.
The honest modern heathen is a small blog that aims to provide correct and complete information for people who feel attrackted to the Old ways and Gods.
Iwobrand’s blog has a variety of topics related to Germanic paganism.
Mixing together equal parts fight club, strength regimen, motorcycle club and esoteric order, Operation Werewolf is more than the sum of its parts.
The though forge is a blog about anthropology, spirituality, and more.
Inglinga is a frequently updated blog that has a variety of content. A lot of posts are about Germanic paganism / heathenry, but there's also a lot of material that dives deep into related spiritual traditions.
Cultic warrior is a blog about Germanic heathenry and esotericism. It focusses a lot on the British isles, as well as fascist ideology.
Moody Moons is a blog about contemporary witchcraft.
The Wild Hunt is an online news outlet that deals with assorted news that is (nominally) pagan in nature. They give a broad overview of mainstream attention for paganism, just don’t expect in-depth information about paganism there.

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