Perun Mountain

Perun Mountain

Perun near Vareš is a mountain in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an area with great potential for tourism development. It is located between Vareš and Bobovac or Kraljeva Sutjeska, the seat of kings in the Medieval Kingdom of Bosnia. This area holds great historical significance and has been continuously settled from the Bronze age.

The highest peak in the Zenica-Doboj Canton is Karasovina on Perun at 1,472 meters above sea level. Regardless of altitude, Perun is accessible and many people make the climb and it is rated as an easy to medium difficulty climb. This mountain is often visited by cyclists, motorcyclists, and has proven itself as an ideal spot for extreme sports.

Perun is rich in various forest fruits and a variety of medicinal herbs, and locals climb the mountain to collect various herbs.

The name of the mountain itself signifies a great connection to Paganism, as it carries the name of the Slavic god Perun. Temples to Perun were built on top of mountains, hills or groves which were marked by oak trees. Most of these temples were made out of wood, so no ancient structure stands there today. The fact that the name of the mountain continued to live on points to an area of great importance for South Slavs, that even with other incoming religions, they held on to the name.

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