Newark Odinist Temple

Newark Odinist Temple

The Newark Odinist Temple was consecrated on Midsummer’s Day 2014 as the first heathen Temple in England for well over a thousand years. The Temple was acquired for the use of the Odinist Fellowship.

The Temple is a small, but beautiful, edifice close to the centre of the historic market towns of Newark-on-Trent and Nottinghamshire. This Grade II Listed, stone-built building dates from the Tudor period and contains many original features, such as its chamfered doorway and mullion windows.  The building was originally used as an almshouse chapel, when it was known as the Bedehouse Chapel. In 1980 it was redeveloped, and the building became for a number of years a volunteer centre, before falling into disuse and decay.

All the services of the Odinist Fellowship are open to the public. Everyone that wants to attend one of the rites is welcome, even if they only want to attend and observe. The Odinist Fellowship also aims to encourage visitors by holding ‘open days’, Tourists, pilgrims, and members of the local community can call in, either to pray or to ask questions about the faith, or just to enjoy the stunning pagan art collection and historic architecture.

Newark Odinist Temple, Newark, United Kingdom

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