Nehalennia temple on Colijnsplaat

Nehalennia temple on Colijnsplaat

The reconstructed Nehalennia Temple on Colijnsplaat is one of the two famous temples dedicated to the goddess Nehalennia. The reconstructed temple is located on Colijnsplaat, in the Dutch province of Zeeland. The other temple was located in Domburg and inscriptions and images on votive stones show that there were close contacts between the two temples. They would have co-existed at least in part. On the basis of inscriptions, the temple of Colijnsplaat is considered to be in use at least between the years 188 and 227.

Because of the symbols used in her many images, Nehalennia is believed to be a goddess of life, fertility and death at the same time. Striking are the constant features of the goddess, with certain details that apply only to her. This points to the existence of a canon with the necessary guidelines for the manufacture of the works of art.

Nehalennia temple, Colijnsplaat

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