Iron age farm Dongen

Iron age farm Dongen

The construction of a settlement from the Iron Age has started with an initiative of a local association in Dongen. In 2004, the independent Iron Age Farm Dongen Foundation was established, which further develops and operates the project. All work within the foundation is done by volunteers.

The dynamic part of this Iron Age settlement focuses on portraying and demonstrating daily life in the Iron Age. You can think of preparing food, making home tools (clay and baking pots and other tools), manufacturing clothes (weaving, sewing), experimenting with old prehistoric techniques (such as building ovens, making construction- and household tools), forms of religion, forms of society (the actual settlement and the connection with neighboring settlements), contacts with regional residents (mutual assistance, legal assistance, mutual assistance against external threats), etc.

The Iron Age farm organises a lot of different types of events throughout the year. Vist their website to see what upcoming events there are (at the time of this writing, the website is only available in Dutch).

IJzertijdboerderij, Dongen, Nederland

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