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This page lists other online resources that can help you in further exploring the path of the old gods. The websites listed below are all about Germanic paganism in some shape or form: asatru, wotanism, odinism, withcraft, heathenry, odalism etc…

We do not necessarily agree with the content of any of the websites listed here, we simply want to offfer an overview of the resources about Germanic paganism that are out there.


Europagan encourages and aids the re-adoption of indigenous European religion, as a means of spiritual rejuvenation for Europe. Europagan offers historical and theological information as well as instruction for the practitioner.

Heathen gods

Heathen gods is a website with a lot of information and resources about heathenry. It’s suited for people that are new to heathenry, but also offers a lot for people that have followed this path for a longer time.

Mimir's Brunnr

Mimir’s Brunnr is a website that aims to reconnect Europeans to their history and pre-christian faith once more. Their website has some excellent articles, and they produce high-quality videos.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is an online news outlet that deals with assorted news that is (nominally) pagan in nature. They give a broad overview of mainstream attention for paganism, just don’t expect in-depth information about paganism there.

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