The ancient Germanic conception of the afterlife is often misunderstood. Explore visions of the worlds where the dead dwell.


It were the fine arts in which European men first reconnected with their pagan past. Enjoy the art of masters of the ages, and how they envisioned the pagan world which their ancestors inhabited.

Children's books

The stories about Thor, Odin and all the other figures inhabiting Valhalla are a favorite among children. You will find all books suitable for young children in this genre.


In this genre you will find recently published works. That is to say: works that were published after 1945.


This is quite a broad genre. Here you will find a variety of works that deal with pagan culture and customs of Germanic people.


How do we distuingish between right and wrong? This genre allows you to explore the moral dimension of Germanic paganism.

Family life

In all branches of Germanic paganism a healthy family life is considered to be essential to grow spiritually.


Every city, every village and every hamlet has its own folklore. Explore the key folklore from throughout the Germanic world.


Looking at our history teaches us about our ancestors. But more than that: it provides us with knowledge to face challenges in the present and in the future.


The Germanic world has produced a wealth of literature. From the Norse epics to the Icelandic sagas and the German fairytales we all know and love.


Without myth man drifts aimlessly. Discover the rich Germanic mythology and the worldview that sprouts from it.


“Man is a political animal.” This rings true from all ages and all places. Explore politics with a pagan twist.


After hanging for nine long days and nights Odin learned the secret of the runes. Start learning about runology.

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