Frequently asked questions

What is Hravan?

Our goal is to provide a page on the web for every available book on Germanic paganism and related topics.

At its core, Hravan is a curated catalogue. We try to ensure that the online version of the books we link to is the best that’s available. This means optimized for the format it comes in, as well as a reasonable file size.

How is Hravan different from other open libraries?

Hravan serves a niche, and as such, we are able to ensure that the way we reference to the books in our catalogue is well informed and well structured. We will not have 20 different versions of a book, that are all scanned in poor quality. We will have but one version of each book, and we do our best to make sure that it’s the version of the highest available quality.

How do I sign up for Hravan?

At the moment it is not possible to sign up for Hravan. If you are interested in contributing to Hravan you can contact us via our contact form, or leave us a message on tumblr:

How can I contribute books or information to Hravan?

We will not become a fully open platform in the foreseeable future. However, we are welcoming to experienced web developers and experts on Germanic paganism. Leave us a message to let us know what you want to do to contribute to Hravan.

Can you put me in touch with an author?

No. We do not have any specific contact with authors. You can see if the author’s profile page links to any of his or hers social media accounts. Other than that, we can not be of any help in this regard.

What is considered to be "Germanic Paganism" by Hravan?

We use quite a broad definition: Ásatrú, Odinism and Wotanism obviously all fall under this definition. Besides that we will also post historical material about the Germanic world, it’s people, and it’s folklore.

I wrote a book, and have it in digital form. Can I get it published on Hravan?

Send us a copy of your book, and if it meets our quality standards we will gladly make it available online.

Can I donate bitcoins?

No one actually asks about this, but yes you can. Our bitcoin address is:


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