Development roadmap and feature suggestions

This page lists the development roadmap for Hravan. Updates we plan to push in the near future can be found below. This development roadmap is not set in stone, a lot of the development depends on available time and funds.

If you have any suggestions on features we should add to our platform, please let us know in the comments below.

If you think you can contribute something of value to Hravan, please contact us.

Dutch language version

Dutch language version for the entire site. One part of the website that will not become available in Dutch in the foreseeable future, is the “events” section.

Expected realease: Midsummer 2020


A complete overview of the Germanic pantheon, listing all the gods, beings, animals etc.

Expected realease: Summer 2020

Website membership

Website membership for all interested users of Hravan. Membership will enable users to start adding content to Hravan themselves.

Expected realease: July / August 2020

Pagan places

Content that focusses on all the places that can be of interest to heathens: Museums, shops, temples, burial sites, archeological sites etc.

Expected realease: Fall 2020

Donations with various payment gateways

The posibility for users to donate funds to Hravan using the most used payment gateways. Running this platform is not free after all.

Expected realease: Winter 2020

Magazine / blog

Blog style posts that cover all sorts of topics that are of interest to heathens. The goal is to have a variety of user-submitted content. Development and deployment depends on community interest.

Expected realease: TBA

Resource reviews

Functionality for members to add reviews or ratings to listed resources. Part of this feature would be the option for all visitors to filter resources based on their ratings, making it easier to find the best resources.

Expected realease: TBA

Book reviews

Functionality for members to add reviews or ratings to listed books. Part of this feature would be the option for all visitors to filter books based on their ratings, making it easier to find the best books.

Expected realease: TBA

Find fellow heathens function

Functionality to find fellow heathens in your area. Will use different user submitted data. Looking for good ways to deal with privacy, and with keeping the data up to date.

Expected realease: TBA

Smooth onboarding for new heathens

An easy to understand workflow that guides people that are new to heathenry. Might be a combination of web and email.

Expected realease: TBA

10 Responses

    1. A forum could be a good future development. We might add that to the development roadmap after we have opened up website membership. That way we can get an idea of how many people are willing to actively contribute to the website.
      What we want to avoid, is the kind of forum where people just post memes and funny cat videos. More suggestions on how a forum should be structured are welcome.

  1. A mentoring program would be a good thing to think about! The Norse religion is gaining followers everyday and those new followers need role models and guidance in the Norse practices beliefs and lifestyle.
    We are planning to add a feature like that of our own in the near future.

    1. Clear guidance for new heathens is an important one indeed. We have added some basic version of that to the development roadmap already, see “Smooth onboarding for new heathens”. Besides that we actively refer people to the Europagan project, which can be found here:
      As far as actual mentoring goes, it’s difficult to say what would work well. Having just an online mentor is less than optimal. We want to encourage and enable people to connect in the real world, see “Find fellow heathens function” in the development roadmap.
      Ideas to work with might be:
      More ideas about mentorship / connecting with fellow heathens are more than welcome.

    1. Nice idea, have not thought of that before. I’ll try to come up with a good way to structure it, and then add it to the roadmap.

  2. If you want more user-generated content you should consider adding a clear style guide for people to use. Maybe not a high priority for you right now, but I think it can be convenient when membership becomes available. Given the entire setup and design I assume you know what I mean, but if not, look here for a directory with all sorts of style guides of big brands:

  3. I like to see a complete overview of all the gods, giants, and so on. There are websites that list all the deities of the Hellenic and Roman world, but there is nothing like it for Germanic paganism. Except maybe wikipedia, but that is somewhat limited as well.

    1. We have been working on something like this. But it’s a whole lot of work, and like you said, wikipedia offers a lot of this information already. So for now, a pantheon encyclopedia is something that has a very low priority.

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