Written by Garret Schuelke

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Year of first publication: 2014

The second eBook, and third overall volume of poetry by Garret Schuelke. Contains 15 poems, along with an introduction by poet and activist John Withee.

“Reading and reflecting on Wotan is an emotional and spiritual experience. For anyone who has experienced the taste of poverty and the bigotry of the streets; for anyone who’s ever struggled to put down the words to a dysfunctional family; for anyone who’s ever worked a shit job that isn’t right no matter how many times you turn its
Rubik’s cube, this is the book for you.”—John Withee, author of The Scallywags of Nobody’s Island

“Wotan is the personification of persistence. Throughout life there are plenty of setbacks. A lot of people give up say whatever to find that easier road. More interesting are those who continue to move forward without any fear. Garret Schuelke is one of those people. In Wotan Garret Schuelke describes in vivid bleak detail the many jobs a person needs to have to simply get by to survive. Environments are hidden plain in sight. Filtering out that reality is easy enough for some people but not
for Garret Schuelke who sees it all.”—Beach Sloth

“This is a book about a world trying to suck the life right out of you, and fighting back at every chance you get. I’m not sure that I like the book, but I respect it. There’s an intense level of determination to the whole proceedings, a very Midwestern denial to ever give up…It’s a gritty little book, but it fosters compassion, and that’s wonderful.“—Arbitrary News and Review

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