think again

Think again: thinking like a heathen in the modern era

Written by Michael J. Smith

About this book

Year of first publication: 2004

My intentions in this book is not to force a dogmatic way of thinking upon the reader, but to show that there are some organic, traditional, and valid ways of thinking which would be either prevalent in our ancestors’ times or very compatible with that paradigm. Not to say that a total retro-movement is needed, but planting some seeds of an older breed into the garden of our “Reawakening” would definitely bring forth a better harvest in years to come for not only the Ásatrú folk, but for great er heathenry as a whole. I can gather quite confidently that the contents of this book will undoubtedly be much more controversial than Ways of the Ásatrú , but just give it a chance and try to think deeply upon these concepts.

There are many more years of marketing, institutionalized teaching , and social peer -pressure for the current thought-patterns championed by the greater current society we live in today. Changing the way that you’ve been taught to think, is one of the most difficult things to do, even when you intellectually and consciously agree with something! I’ve always referred to the adherents of our religion as a people because I sincerely believe us to not only be a “folk coming home” but also as a newly forming folk at the same time. Already, we are starting to form our own culture s as well as re-gain portions of our collective culture once lost.

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