The Story Of Frithiof The Bold

By Eirikr Magnusson

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About this book

Frithiof is a large, tough man who is left in charge of his fathers estate due to the death of his father and that of his older brother. He is told by his father to keep the peace between the neighboring estates, which happen to be two brothers with a desirable sister, and… he doesn’t. He tries to ask for their sisters hand in marriage but the brothers refuse due to jealousy of his sudden wealth (inheritance) and his popularity. Frithiof decides to teach them a lesson by revoking any aid he provides the brothers, which happens to spark the interest of a nearby king: King Ring. The king decides to use his powers to force tribute payments from the brothers and take their sisters hand in marriage or else he will destroy them in battle. Frithiof and the brothers supposedly make a deal, but the brothers are also making a deal with the king… this eventually displeases Frithiof when he loses his woman, thus placing Frithiof in a strategic game that he desires to become the victor of.