the scandinavian races

The Scandinavian races: the northmen, the sea-kings and vikings

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Genre: History, Culture
Year of first publication: 1875

Excerpt from The Scandinavian Races: The Northmen; The Sea-Kings and Vikings; Their Manners and Customs, Discoveries, Maritime Expeditions, Struggles and Wars Up to Present Time

Although soon after my arrival in the city of New York, about two years ago, learning by experience, what already long had been known to me, the great attention the enlightened population of the United States pay to science and the arts, and that they admit that unquestionable truth, that the very best blessings are the intellectual, I was, however, soon aware, that Scandinavian affairs. Were too little known in this country. Induced by that ardent patriotism peculiar to the Norsemen, I immediately re solved, as far as it lay in my power, to throw some light upon this, here, almost term incognita, and compose a brief History of Scandinavia, which once was the arbiter of the European system, and by which America, in reality, had been discovered as much as upwards of ‘five.

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