The religious attitudes of the Indo-Europeans

By Hans F. K. Günther

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About this book

Leading pre-war racial scientist Hans F.K. Günther provides an insightful overview of the religion of pre-Christian Indo-European peoples from India to Iceland. Through a comparison of the basic values, teachings, practices and holy books, he identifies to commonalities which underpinned all those religions, and then juxtaposes them against Christianity. Included in this broad scope is an analysis of the Indian, Persian, Sacaean, Armenian, Slavic and Baltic languages, and of the Greek, Italian, Celtic and Teutonic dialects. He concludes that it is possible to determine a common or primal Indo-European language, approximating to the latter part of the early Stone Age. Finally, a comparison of the different Indo-European religious forms reveals that the weltanschauung of the Indo-European folk are the product of their nature and are a distinctive behavioral trait of those people and that their extinction will lead the death of this noble culture.