the path of wotan

The path of Wotan

Written by Jost Turner

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Genre: Contemporary
Year of first publication: 1994

The Path of Wotan, which is named for Wotan (Odin), the principal deity of the Germanic tribes in pre-christian northern Europe, is a revival of our Forefather’s ancient science of rejuvenation and accelerated higher evolution by self-effort. The essentials of the golden age knowledge have survived well enough to provide a foundation for a revival of the Path of Wotan, (which is) a concise interpretation and commentary on the most important of these surviving allegories. The path of Wotan is not for the weak, the lazy, nor the mediocre. One must be willing and able to change oneself drastically.The path of Wotan is the path of will and self-discipline, the path of the true warrior, the path of the Superhuman Species or Ubermensch.

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