the odinist religion overcoming jewish christianity

The Odinist religion: overcoming Jewish Christianity

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Genre: Culture, Politics
Year of first publication: 1939
Estimated reading time: 4 hours and 45 minutes

The Odinist religion: overcoming Jewish Christianity contains much of the views central to the Odinism as propagated by Alexander Rud Mills. The Odinism of Mills differs from most modern variations of Odinism, as Mills formulated an Odinism heavily influenced by Ariosophy. Mills was mostly influenced by the writings of pioneering Austrian Wotanist Guido von List.

The Odinist religion is primarily concerned with the “British race”. Christianity is portrayed as being alien to Britons, but Odinism on the other hand, is a native religion and can be better understood by British people. The book is very critical of Christianity, stating it is unnatural because it encourages miscegenation.

The Odinist religion portrays the Germanic gods as symbols or archetypes of the divine rather than living entities, and states that each racial group has its own symbols for interpreting and understanding the divine.

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