The kids’ book of the Norse Gods

By Michael J. Smith

First published in:

About this book

From the foreword:

I thought of doing this purely because of my children Freyjadis (6), Tiarnan (4), and Signy (1). Often times, what few books of that age range that talk about the Norse gods, are generally either far-between or grossly inaccurate. Plus, quite frankly, it is hard enough with the prevailing Christian culture so ingrain in the school system and other children constantly talking about Christmas and the like, that it makes it difficult for heathen parents.

Here was an attempt to help teach my children about the gods in a healthy, fun way by telling my daughter Freyja (Freyjadis) about the gods (VERY simplified, of course) and having her drawing the pictures of them. I found that my younger son, Tiarnan, very much enjoys seeing my daughter’s “books” she makes on her own. So, with a little direction….

Of course, not all the gods are here, just a few. Start with the cover and have them draw away!!