the champion of odin

The champion of Odin

About this book

Genre: Literature
Year of first publication: 1885

The champion of Odin, or, Viking life in the days of old: a tale of ancient war was written to give young people of the Victorian age some idea of the life of their forefathers in the brave days of old. The champion of Odin uses a personal narrative, a series of stir- ring anecdotes, culled from genuine Scandinavian sources.

None of the incidents, therefore, are original with in this book, although occasionally they are changed, and ascribed to fictitious personages to suit the requirements of the tale. The student of Scandinavian history will recognise many of his old acquaintances pressed somewhat unceremoniously into the service of this little book.

The champion of Odin is one of the many books that were published in the nineteenth century that contributed to awakening an interest in the grand forefathers of our race, from whom we inherit so many good and sterling qualities.

(This description is based on the preface by the author)

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