Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology

By Edred Thorsson

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About this book

This book is intended to supplement the practical material found in my Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic published by Samuel Weiser, Inc . In these pages the more intellectual aspects of the runes-their history and development and their esoteric lore-will be investigated. It is hoped that through this work I can begin to dispel most of the misconceptions fostered by recent books that purport to explore the runic tradition . Runelore in- corporates into a system of living philosophy and practice the latest and best scientific scholarship of runologists from all over the world. The method used in the present book is essentially one of intuition firmly based on hard scientific data. This is a method that I hope will continue to find wide acceptance. As it stands, Runelore is the basic textbook for members of the Rune-Gild , but I trust it will strike a responsive cord in all who seek to unravel the riddle of the runes.