Norse Spirit in the Hávamál: The Beer Drinking Theme

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norse spirit in the havamal

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Any discussion of drinking must begin with the idea of fluidity inherent in liquid. The origin of drinking is arising out of ingesting water. However, it is not water in itself that is of import, instead, it is its precondition for health and life. In the study of the beer-drinking theme in the Germania of Tacitus, drinking rituals at the Symbel have played a fundamental role. Beer or ‘bior’ of the Norse is a component of import in various Germanic cultures. It has remained the main topic for consideration of the beer-drinking theme in the Hávamál. Throughout history, it is the basis for all kinds of drinking cultures worldwide. Further, its mythological ideas have become accentuated through speech making which is reflecting important achievements in civilisation, knowledge acquisition and transfer. In lubricating civilisation processes, beer has been instrumental through which the past is flowing into the present. As will be shown, the root of intention is preserved in the native state, finalizing in Conscience. It implies an inner feeling and warning for being overcharged by excessive ale or mjöd drinking. The complementary root appears in the dimension of orientation. Its global state is Bliss, which means to reach a state of ‘perfect’ happiness.

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