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Legends of the Rhine

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Year of first publication: 1895
Estimated reading time: 9 hours and 30 minutes

Legends of the Rhine was intended as a contribution to the study of Folklore, and it can be seen as a Legendary Traveller’s Guide to the Rhine. The Tales in Legends of the Rhine have been gathered from many sources, some of these stories have pagan roots, others stem from Christian traditions.

The best known myths, sagas and adventures to emerge from Germanic mythology are captured in this classic. Tracing the route of the mighty Rhine River, the reader will delve into some of the greatest legends ever to emerge from the countries along the Rhine, superbly retold in English by master mythological storyteller Hélène Guerber.

The core aspects of Teutonic mythology have been outlined in “Myths of Northern Lands” by the same author, and have not been included in this volume. The real “Nibelungenlied” and the “Heldensagen” have also been omitted because they form part of the author’s work on the “Legends of the Middle Ages.”

While countless German authorities have been consulted with great care, Hélène Guerber was especially helped by Karl Simrock, the German Folk-lorist and Poet of the Rhine, who has versified many of these picturesque tales.

The interest of a Rhine pilgrimage is more than doubled by a knowledge, however superficial, of the legends connected with the principal towns, churches, and castles along its banks, so it is hoped that tourists, both old and young, will find room in their traveller’s bag for this wonderful book.

The book can enhance the pleasure of travelers and will enable stay-at-homes to glean some idea of the legendary charms of this matchless river.

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