investigating the afterlife concepts of the norse heathen

Investigating the afterlife concepts of the Norse heathen

Written by Bil Linzie

About this book

Genre: Afterlife
Year of first publication: 2005

This paper reviews the modern heathen movement’s commonly accepted beliefs regarding the heathen concept of Afterlife and compares them to what is known about the ancient Germanic sense of Afterlife. The discussion is a continuation of this author’s proposal that the standards of research among modern heathens be at least consistent with standards currently acceptable to researchers in other fields of study. As with previous papers by this author, this document has been subjected to peer review, and has been adjusted to reflect their comments. The intent is not to undermine the progress at reconstructionism reported by various groups of modern heathens but to enhance it since we have attempted to not only draw directly from heathen sources via the most current research, but have also suggested methods and techniques with which one should be able to shift one’s frame of reference from that of the commonly accepted modern era to that which would have been completely acceptable to most of the various Germanic peoples living during the Viking Era.

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