In the days of giants: a book of Norse tales

In the days of giants: a book of Norse tales

About this book

Year of first publication: 1902
Estimated reading time: 4 hours and 10 minutes

In the days of giants: a book of Norse tales is a wonderful children’s book full of exciting tales. These tales of the strength and joy of life that marked the doings of the old Norse gods and heroes are retellings from the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda. These stories of Norse mythology are retold by Abbie Farwell Brown in a simple and direct fashion that is appealing to younger children. This book is considered to be suitable for ages 9 and up.

In the days of giants holds some of the most beloved and famous Norse tales: from the beginning of the world, and how Odin lost one of his eyes in the quest for wisdom, to the use of the Kvasir’s blood to create the “Mead of Poetry,” and the cataclysmic intrigues with the Jötun giants. Read here of the tales of Skadi, Loki and his evil children, Thor’s Quest, the dwarfs and their gifts, Balder and the mistletoe, and finally the punishment of Loki, who was captured and will remain so untill Ragnarök, or the twilight of the gods.

In the days of giants is an enthralling read which will provide young and old alike with new insights into some of the greatest mythological tales of Europe.

In the days of giants consists of sixteen chapters:

  1. The Beginning of Things
  2. How Odin Lost His Eye
  3. Kvasir’s Blood
  4. The Giant Builder
  5. The Magic Apples
  6. Skadi’s Choice
  7. The Dwarf’s Gifts
  8. Loki’s Children
  9. The Quest of the Hammer
  10. The Giantess Who Would Not
  11. Thor’s Visit to the Giants
  12. Thor’s Fishing
  13. Thor’s Duel
  14. In the Giant’s House
  15. Balder and the Mistletoe
  16. The Punishment of Loki

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