Heathen tribes

By Mark Ludwig Stinson

First published in:

About this book

The essays in this collection were written in the years 2010 and 2011.In their original form they were written as internet essays, messageboard posts, and as answers to e-mail questions I received. Inbringing them together into this book, I have grouped them intocategories and put them into an order that gives them context. I havereworked all of the essays to varying degrees. Some required verylittle refining, while others required extensive reworking.

This book is a very practical book, written in a conversational tone. Itis not a scholarly work, heavy with footnotes and quotes from otherauthors and other sources. There are many amazing books of thatnature available, some of the best of which are listed at the end of thisbook. What you will find within this collection is my approach tovarious topics and issues within our Folkway – the Folkway thatrepresents the ancestral religion, ways, and worldview of the NorthernEuropean people. The essays included here are informed by theexperiences of Jotun’s Bane Kindred in starting, maintaining, andgrowing a Heathen Tribe here in the Heartland of the United State