gods of the ancient norsemen

Gods of the ancient Norsemen

Written by Georges Dumézil

About this book

Genre: Mythology
Year of first publication: 1973

Georges Dumezil’s conception of the fundamental structure of the common Indo-European ideology has been one of the most significant contributions to general knowledge yet made in this century. In the course of the last thirty years scholars have been building zril’s many upon Dume- pioneer research, and have materially facilitated the development of the model of ancient Indo-European culture.

This model, according to Dumezil, was tripartite, representing 1. sovereignty: the principle of power, including order; 2. the implementation of and 3. power by force; the maintenance of physical well- being. Thus one finds a coordination of gods and social classes: Odin and Jupiter pair with the sovereignty; priesthood to represent Mars and Thor with the warrior caste represent force: the Dioscuri and Quirinus, with the herders and culturists, to represent welfare and fecundity.

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