germanic spirituality

Germanic spirituality

Written by Bil Linzie

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Genre: Contemporary
Year of first publication: 2003


Germanic heathenry is under fire from within. Although it is agrowing religion, most converts are coming from other religion, and with them,usually unknowingly, they are bringing with them baggage from their formerreligions which becomes entangled into Germanic cosmology which is erodingthat cosmology until it is indistinguishable from any of the hundreds of genericNew Age “mixed bags” pre-packaged and readily available at local bookstores

First this article looks at significant changes which have been accepted, atleast partially, into Germanic cosmology, proposes guidelines for investigatingthe Germanic worldview, and then seeks to put these alterations into a properperspective as foreignisms which are, in essence, removable. This article thenopts to look at the genesis of some of accumulated baggage, identify and labelit, and set much of it into perspective so that the modern heathen can choosewhether to incorporate some of the superfluous borrowings into local kindredgatherings being fully knowledgeable of where the concepts came from.

Lastly, this article looks at Germanic spirituality as being independent ofthese borrowings and worth pursuing without any need of support from otherworld class religions.

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