germanic origins a study in primitive culture

Germanic origins. A study in primitive culture

About this book

Genre: History, Culture
Year of first publication: 1892

Germanic origins. A study in primitive culture contains a wide variety of information about Germanic culture. The book is initially mostly concerned with Germanic influence on the British isles, and England in particular.

All the Germanic sources of language, literature, and institutions of the great English-speaking race have their place in this work. Germanic origins aims to give an account of the founders of that race while they still held their old home, their old faith, their old customs. The author has tried to free his text from cumbrous allusions, and to put into the notes material for wider study. These notes, as well as a portion of the introductory chapter, tell the reader what sources have been consulted in the making of the book itself. Quotations at second hand occur only where the authority from which they are taken is itself of the first class, such as Grimm on mythology, Müllenhoff on archaeology, or Waitz on institutions.

Germanic origins contains 16 chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Land and people
  3. Men and women
  4. The home
  5. Husband and wife
  6. The family
  7. Trade and commerce
  8. The warrior
  9. Social order
  10. Government and law
  11. The funeral
  12. The worship of the dead
  13. The worship of nature
  14. The worship of Gods
  15. Form and ceremony
  16. The higher mood

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