drinking at the well of mimir

Drinking at the well of Mimir

Written by Bil Linzie

About this book

Genre: Contemporary
Year of first publication: unknown

Excerpt from the preface:

I don’t consider this volume to be any great piece of research. There are plenty of researchers out there far more knowledgeable than I, and I have no problem with that. I don’t consider these books revolutionary in any way either; I seriously doubt whether they will change the practice of Ásatrú in the modern world. What they are is an Ásatrú man’s view of the world after having been Ásatrú two years short of a full third of a century. They are my views.

When I was in 6th grade just entering junior high school in Lambertville, Michigan, I had few thoughts about religion. Our town was a collection of German-American Lutherns (who, like my grandfather, rarely, if ever, attended church) and Polish-American Catholics who only went to church until they were old enough to start helping on the farm. My mom was the oddball French-Canadian-Ojibwa Catholic who forced me to go to Mt. Carmel Catholic church until I was 14 years old and who does not know to this day that I schwäntst (played “hookey”) catechism from age 8 on.

I asked my Grampa Jack one morning when we were hoeing corn what religion he was. After a minute of leaning on his hoe and thinking he said, “I guess I belong to the Linzie religion” and that was good enough for my 6th grade mind. Back then, I really didn’t think much about anything except for Laura Berry (who still comes to mind off and on) and Melanie Sigler…

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