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Creed of iron – Wotansvolk wisdom

Written by David Lane, Ron McVan

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Year of first publication: 1997

Creed of iron – Wotansvolk wisdom is the result of the combined effort of Ron McVan, David Lane, Katja Lane, and probably many others. It gives insight in the beliefs of the people that associate with the Wotansvolk school of thought in heathenry. Where some groups that call themselves folkish get called racist without doing anything of note in that regard, here we have the real deal. The authors of Creed of iron have a background in various racist, or racialist groups in the USA. In the case of David Lane one could even go so far as to speak of a terrorist background.

That being said, Creed of iron offers some deep insight into the path of the gods, and the ways in which we can practice our faith in the modern world. Creed of iron contains a lot of drawings by Ron McVan, which makes the file size of the book we link to here quite large.

All in all, this book is unexpected in how clear its language is, and how acceptable (most of) the views expressed in it are for people that do not normally associate themselves the the extreme right.

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