blood and soil: a heathen manifesto

Blood and soil: a heathen manifesto

Written by Folk Publishing

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Blood and soil: A heathen manifesto is a short pamphlet by Folk Publishing, an American organisation about which no further information can be found. The overall tone of Blood and soil is very much right wing.

The pamphlet starts off with an introduction to the work of Oswald Spengler, a leading philosopher of the German Conservative Revolution. The work of Spengler, it is said, offers a methodology by which we can analyze the Western Civilisation’s current predicament, its precise origins and life-course, therefore providing the Western Destiny Thinker and activist with the possibility of changing the West’s march to oblivion to one of new life. Spengler’s historical-philosophy is one that can be appreciated by those of Heathen, peasant temperament,for Spengler postulates Culture as an organic, and therefore a cyclic entity; self-contained, with its own life-cycle: birth (Spring), youth (Summer), maturity (Autumn) and finally old age, senility and death (Winter): Whereupon another youthful culture emerges to dominate the world stage while those of the former Civilisation become a failing people, i.e. historyless, such as the Egyptians and Indians of today.

The pamphlet goes on to pose that National Socialist Germany was the only major modern effort to address the decline of the Western Civilisation, and to attempt an answer to the question of how to maintain a progressive, technological State yet return the Folk to the ‘Springtime’ of its youth.

Much of what follows is based on the main work of the Reich Peasant Leader and Minister of Agriculture, Richard Walther Darré: A new nobility out of blood and soil. Darré was a major pioneer of today’s ecological movement, and that many of his ideas filtered through to that movement.

The pamphlet goes on to discuss various symptons of the decline of Western Civilisation, and proposes a return to a peasant way of life based on Germanic law to cure most, if not all, ills of the modern world.

All in all, this pamphlet could have used a little more structure. Nonetheless, the author of Blood and soil seems pretty well informed, and knows how to get his point across.

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