Old Icelandic Consciousness Embedded in the Gunnlaug Saga

Ancient Icelandic consciousness embedded in the Gunnlaug saga

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Genre: Contemporary
Year of first publication: 2015

A scientific approach to Old Icelandic text means considering it as self-referential and self-organising system. This implies that strings of graphemes become patterned through their own internal driving forces. In treating the Gunnlaug Saga with the reversibly synthesizing Agent-action-Objective [AaO] mechanism, emerging space-time patterns allow for setting up phase-dependent transitions for the [A] and [O] components of the mechanism. Thereby, multi-stability is made evident through bi-componential (A-O) disparity in hyperbolic spaces. As a consequence, it is shown that real time imaging and the production of hetero-chronic structures are contributing effectively to Potential Energy Surfaces (PES) as well as Free Energy Surfaces (FES). Q-measures, associated with the dimensions of Orientation and Intention, are forming the basis for the abstraction and extraction of the roots of Old Icelandic consciousness. In the Gunnlaug Saga, the materialized root of Orientation is connected with [O] and the root of Intention is linked to [A]. By means of the developed naming function, it is made evident that Virtue is the perceived quality in the O-root while Impetus is the observed outcome of the A-root. Finally, the Appendix contains all information on the computations and the transformations as well as the complete results of the applied naming function.

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