An Odinist anthology

By Asatru Free Assembly

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About this book

This anthology represents some of the contents of THE RUNESTONE over a span of more than ten Years, from issue number two almost to the Present. During this decade-long history of publication, THE RUNESTONE and the organization which it represents underwent a multitude of changes, becoming more sophisticated, broader in perspective, and more polished in Presentation with the Passage of time. Hopefully the reader will be able to trace this evolution. This collection is designed to provide the person new to Odinism, or Asatru, with something beyond the sinle leaflets which may have been his or her introduction to the religion. It is by no means comprehensive, but it will give the student of Asatru a wealth of information which will make it easier to proceed on to other sources of greater depth and complexity. In this respect It fills a gap which has long been an irritant to new asatruarar.