an introduction to old norse

An introduction to Old Norse

Written by E. V. Gordon

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Genre: Literature
Year of first publication: 1957

From the preface:

This revision of the Introduction to Old Norse was undertaken in the belief that the book serves its purpose well and that it lays a good foundation for a linguistic knowledge and a literary appreciation of the monuments of medieval Scandinavia. The amount of revision was restricted by technical considerations, for the original intention was to revise on the plates. Eventually this plan proved impracticable, and when the decision to reset the book had been taken I felt that it would be an improvement if in addition to the various extracts one short saga could be included in its entirety. I have, therefore, removed Selection vi and substituted for it the whole of Hrafnkels saga freysgoSa. The new text is based upon the edition of Professor Jon Johannesson in the Islenzk Fornrit series, and it is my pleasant duty to acknowledge most gratefully his kind permission to use his text. I hasten to add that a few minor alterations have been made in the present version, for which I alone must be held responsible. It should be added that in contradistinction to the other texts in the volume the Icelandic conventions of punctuation, though not of paragraphing, have been retained in Hrafnkels saga. This has been done in order that students may be the less puzzled when they come to read other sagas in continental or Icelandic editions.

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