amma: wisdom from the sagas

Amma: wisdom from the sagas

Written by Michael J. Smith

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Genre: Contemporary
Year of first publication: 2005

“Amma” means, “Grandmother” just as “Edda” means “Great-Grandmother”. As “Edda” gave us poetry from our oral traditions, myths, and legends developed from countless centuries ago, Amma will give the more recent wisdom of the sagas from a few hundred years ago. It will include mostly direct quotes from various sagas in which a character either says something profound, or pa raphrases/quotes an old saying that is not found in the Hávamál . Also included will be references for a variety of subjects of heathen interest.

This is meant to be a work to help fellow heathens have a quick reference of wisdom and evidence for some practices. The Wisdom section is what the author believes to be a good suppliment to the ancien t philosophical and practical thinking from the Hávamál of the Poetic Edda . Other sections will contain quotes and passages of a particular interest to heathens.

As far as how what sagas were chosen to be included and which ones did not, it was entirely dependent on merely which ones were existent in the author’s personal library. This, by no means, indicates any me thod of approval or disapproval of any particular saga or work. It was just plainly, the available source material.

Decisions as to what quotes went into what sections was the most difficult aspect of this work in many ways. Some quotes scream ed to be within a pa rticular section while others did not quite fit any, but the author felt them important. Some could have even been placed in more than one section.

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