a handbook of norse mythology

A handbook of Norse mythology

Written by Karl Mortensen

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Genre: Mythology
Year of first publication: 1912

A handbook of Norse mythology is a great guide to understanding the major deities, characters, themes, rituals and beliefs of Norse mythology. It examines the folklore of Scandinavia and the wider Germanic world, from prehistoric tales to contemporary beliefs and practices.

The book contains four sections: the first describes the pagan origins of Scandinavia and various deities; the second begins to explore lower mythology and the myths of the gods; the third focuses on religion; and the fourth section contains “The Hero Sagas,” “The Volsungs,” “The Helgi Sagas,” “Volund the Smith,” “The Hjathningar” and finally, “Beowulf.” This book is the best supplementary text to a study of Norse Mythology, especially the Elder Eddas, which can often be difficult to understand to those not initiated.

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