It is our mission to make information about Germanic paganism freely available.

Hravan is an online library that catalogues books related to Germanic paganism that are freely available online. All books catalogued here have at least a link to a downloadable pdf-file. We strive to add other formats like epub and kindle as well, but this is not always possible.

Many older books were scanned and put online at some point, without much regard for the file size or the layout of the book. We are working to make sure that those books get optimized in terms of file size, as well as layout. Optimizing the available books is an ongoing project.

If you like the idea behind this project and think you can be of help in expanding our catalogue, please contact us. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions to enhance our platform.

We define Germanic paganism in quite a broad sense here,simply because we want to offer a lot of different viewpoints on historical and contemporary forms of Germanic paganism. This means you’ll find books here that do not align with your specific viewpoint, and occasionally it means we will post books that are not strictly speaking Germanic, but from neighboring traditions people like the Celts and the Slavs produced. In it’s core Hravan will always be a platform dedicated to Germanic paganism though. We have no intention of treating paganism like some universalist and rootless thing that can be whatever one wants.

We have chosen to name the subject matter on this site “Germanic paganism”. We could have made a different choice here, but we believe that “Germanic paganism” encompasses a lot of different varieties like Odinism, Asatru, Odalism, Wotanism and Heathenry.


Future plans:

Hravan is still in its early stages of development. For the near future we plan to expand the number of titles in our library. Besides that we are working hard to make sure that the titles in our library are optimized for reading on digital devices. This will be a slow and ongoing process, but nonetheless it means that what we have to offer gets better by the day.

Once we have a solid number of books i English in stock, we plan to make Hravan a multilingual library. We want to add different language versions so that what you can browse the site in your own (Germanic) language. We will add new language versions in order of the number of native speakers it has, which means new language versions will be added in the following order:

Keep in mind that this order is not set in stone, as it mostly depends on the number of volunteers we can find to make new language versions possible.

Besides these plans for the online platform,we hope to be able to publish physical works in the long term. This however, is a low priority at the moment.