the phonology of the ellis saga
The phonology of the Elis saga

The Elis saga is the Old Norwegian version of the French chanson de geste, Klie de Saint Gille. The translation was made by the abbot Robert, at the direction of the king Hakon Hakonson, probably in the second quarter of … Read More

did the norsemen erect the newport round tower
Did the Norsemen erect the Newport Round Tower

Excerpt from Did the Norsemen Erect the Newport Round Tower A few writers have imagined that the structure was plastered on the outside; however, this is difficult to ascertain, as for many years the walls were covered with ivy, causing … Read More

Norse words in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle
Norse words in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle

Excerpt from Norse words in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle : The ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE has come down to us in seven manuscripts of various length and importance, one of which, the Laud Manuscript, runs to the year 1154. about seventy-five years beyond … Read More

bibliography of the mythical heroic sagas
Bibliography of the mythical-heroic sagas

This volume, forming a continuation of the two earlier saga bibliographies published in “ Islandica ”, contains a bibliography of the sagas which, since their publication by Rafn, have generally been known as the Fornaldarsogur.

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